Here you'll find a listing of the most popular sources that we used when creating our starship specs.  With the exception of the Starship Spotter, all of the books and magazines listed are official sources for Star Trek material, while the rest are merely places where true and factual information can be obtained, but they are no means an official source in their own right.  Those interested in learning more about Star Trek, and not just the technology, will find a handy link to, with a portion of the profits from your purchase going to help fund ST:ACTD.
The Star Trek Encyclopedia - Buy @ Amazon
by Michael Okuda, Denise Okuda, and Debbie Mirek

This new version of the Star Trek Encyclopedia is a reissue of the 1997 edition, plus a 128-page supplement of additional material that updates Deep Space Nine to the end of its run and Voyager to midway through season five. It also covers the movie Star Trek: Insurrection. Appendices include illustrations of starships, cast and crew listings, a historical timeline, and a bibliography. The encyclopedia was devised in part to help production staff on the various Star Trek TV series to keep up with the ever-increasing level of detail generated by over 30 years of creative effort. It is an excellent reference volume and, whether you want to settle an argument or write a novel, this book will answer your questions.

Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual - Buy @ Amazon
by Rick Sternbach and Michael Okuda

The Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual, written by Rick Sternbach and Michael Okuda, the technical advisors to Star Trek: The Next Generation, provides a comprehensive schematization of a Galaxy-class starship. From the bridge to the shuttlebays, from the transporter room to crews' quarters, this book provides a never-before-seen glimpse at the inner, intricate workings of the most incredible starship ever conceived.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual - Buy @ Amazon
by Herman Zimmerman, Rick Sternbach, and Doug Drexler

It was once a battered Cardassian ore-processing facility orbiting the planet Bajor. But Terok Nor took on new life when the Cardassians evacuated and were replaced by Starfleet personnel. With the discovery of a nearby stable wormhole connecting the Alpha Quadrant with the Gamma Quadrant, the newly christened Space Station Deep Space 9 became one of the most important installations in known space.

Star Trek: Chronology - The History of the Future - Buy @ Amazon
by Michael Okuda, Denise Okuda

From the founding of the Federation, to Zefram Cochrane's invention of warp drive, to James T. Kirk's early days in Starfleet Academy, to the voyages of the Starship Enterprise under Captain Jean-Luc Picard, to the newest adventures of the U.S.S. Voyager, this book provides a comprehensive look at Star Trek's incredible history. The Star Trek Chronology documents every important event from every Star Trek episode and film, and includes both stardates and Earth calendar dates.

Star Trek: The Magazine

There's never been a publication like STAR TREK: The Magazine, the most complete resource of its kind.... ever! Richly illustrated in full color throughout, page after dazzling page is packed with the information you need. Whether it's the shows, the movies, the latest news, readers' forum, guest stars or the latest merchandise.... you'll find them all in STAR TREK: The Magazine.

Star Trek: Starship Spotter - Buy @ Amazon
by Adam "Mojo" Lebowitz and Robert Bonchune

Starship Spotter was created more than two centuries ago to serve as a reference guide to assorted space-going vessels. Captains of the spaceships of the United Earth Space Probe Agency used this simple paper tool to enable a ship's crew to quickly distinguish friend from foe in the unexplored reaches of the cosmos. When the services were merged to form Starfleet, this paper book disappeared from use. Only recently rediscovered, the newest editions of this book have been the sole purview of Starfleet Academy.

Ex Astris Scientia

By Bernd Schneider, EAS is regarded by some as being another canon resource to their Star Trek technical collection.  It's an online resource full of practically anything you ever wanted to know about starships, as well as images, reviews on episodes, and much more.
Flare Sci-Fi Forums

Large online gathering of some of the best Trek know-it-alls on the web.





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