First and foremost, it is important to realize that this website, and the information contained within it, was created as a resource for the online Star Trek RPG - Star Trek: A Call to Duty. Whether you're a player in our game or just a casual visitor, we welcome you to the collection of pages that represents our months of hard work.

While our name has managed to spread beyond ST:ACTD, we've been tasked with creating the official technical specifications for the various starships featured in our RPG. Perhaps one of the biggest differences between our gaming experience and that of other online RPGs is the fact that we attempt to strictly adhere to "canon," meaning that we don't allow ourselves to overstep the bounds of things established in the various Star Trek series, and official publications such as the Next Generation and DS9 Technical Manuals. To that end, this is why our fleets aren't loaded with Sovereign or Prometheus-class starships simply because we've only seen one of each of those ships on the screen, and don't know if they're one of a kind. Only our Defiant-class ships sport quantum torpedoes, and you wont' find transphasic torpedoes and photonic cannons on our ships.

That being said, we've tried to make our specs stay as close to what's been established. As the Treknology-inclined know all to well, the majority of ships seen on Star Trek barely have any official information on them, and some even have information that contradicts already-established facts. At this point, our team of five members steps in and tries to fill the gaps so that our players have some hard information on the ships that they love. For players, staff and cadets of ST:ACTD, these are the official specs for the game, compiled after months of message board and email discussions within the team and with knowledgeable sources.

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  • News: This is the main index page, where information on site updates can be found.
    • First Time: A simple guide for first-time visitors the site, including a site map.
    • Get Specs: A request application where you can get a copy of our Basic Technical Specs.
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  • Articles:  Various articles relating to the ASDB's work.
  • Personnel:
    • Personnel: Current and Former Staff of the ASDB Project.
    • History: Some background on the ASDB Project, its beginning and goal.
  • Information:
    • FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
    • Sources: Various books, magazines and websites that aided us in our work.
    • Credits: A listing of who did what, and where some stuff was found.
    • Legal: The usual legal stuff.
  • Images: A small collection of images for various ships, put together in our spare time.
  • Plaques: Dedication plaques for some of the ships in ST:ACTD.
  • Federation: Index of Federation starships featured in our game, with scale images and basic information.
  • Starships: Listing of canon and ST:ACTD ships for that class.

For the meantime, we don't allow our specs to be reproduced elsewhere, both because of the hard work put in, as well as the fact that we're continuously working out the bugs. For more information, please refer to our FAQs section or feel free to contact us.




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