Starship Name Registry Status Appearance
Al-Batani, U.S.S. NCC-42995   [VGR] "Caretaker"
Berlin, U.S.S. NCC-14232   [TNG] "Angel One"
Cairo, U.S.S. NCC-42136   [TNG] "Chain of Command, Part I," [TNG] "Preemptive Strike"
Charleston, U.S.S. NCC-42285   [TNG] "The Neutral Zone"
Crazy Horse, U.S.S. NCC-50446   [TNG] "The Pegasus"
Crockett, U.S.S. NCC-38955   [DS9] "Paradise"
Enterprise-B, U.S.S. NCC-1701-B   Star Trek: Generations
Excelsior, U.S.S. (NX)NCC-2000   Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, [VGR] "Flashback"
Farragut, U.S.S.     [DS9] "Chrysalis"
Fearless, U.S.S. NCC-4598   [TNG] "Where No One Has Gone Before"
Fredrickson, U.S.S. NCC-42111   [DS9] "A Time to Stand"
Gorkon, U.S.S. NCC-40512   [TNG] "Descent, Part I"
Grissom, U.S.S. NCC-42857   [TNG] "The Most Toys"
Hood, U.S.S. NCC-42296   [TNG] "Encounter at Farpoint," [TNG] "Tin Man," et al
Intrepid, U.S.S. NCC-38907   [TNG] "Sins of the Father," [TNG] "Family"
Lakota, U.S.S. NCC-42768   [DS9] "Homefront," [DS9] Paradise Lost"
Lexington, U.S.S. NCC-14427   [TNG] "Thine Own Self"
Livingston, U.S.S. NCC-34099   [DS9] "Invasive Procedures"
Malinche, U.S.S. NCC-38997   [DS9] "For the Uniform"
Melbourne, U.S.S. NCC-62043 359 [TNG] "11001001," [TNG] "The Best of Both Worlds," [DS9] "Emissary"
Okinawa, U.S.S. NCC-13958   [DS9] "Homefront," [DS9] "Paradise Lost"
Potemkin, U.S.S. NCC-18253   [TNG] "Peak Performance," [TNG] "Second Chances"
Repulse, U.S.S. NCC-2544   [TNG] "The Child," [TNG] "Unnatural Selection"
Roosevelt, U.S.S. NCC-2573 359 [VGR] "Unity"
Tecumseh, U.S.S. NCC-14934   [DS9] "Nor the Battle to the Strong"
Valley Forge, U.S.S. NCC-43305 DW [DS9] "Tears of the Prophets"
  NCC-4284   [VGR] "Relativey"
Starship Name Registry Status Appearance
Delphyne, U.S.S. NCC-45264   ST:ACTD: Delphyne
Griffon, U.S.S. NCC-42365 D ST:ACTD: Griffon
Gryphon, U.S.S. NCC-42101   ST:ACTD: Gryphon
Minotaur, U.S.S. NCC-42713   ST:ACTD: Minotaur
Ottawa, U.S.S. NCC-3299   ST:ACTD: ASDB Akira-Class Technical Specs
Pendragon, U.S.S. NCC-42662   ST:ACTD: Pendgragon
Spann, U.S.S. NCC-3995   ST:ACTD: ASDB Akira-Class Technical Specs

D - Destroyed/Decommissioned
359 - Destroyed at the Battle of Wolf 359
DW - Destroyed during the Dominion War
R - Renamed
? - Uncertain

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