Starship Name Registry Status Appearance
Adelphi, U.S.S. NCC-26849   [TNG] "Tin Man"
Ambassador, U.S.S. (NX)NCC-10521   Star Trek Encyclopedia
Enterprise-C, U.S.S. NCC-1701-C D [TNG] "Yesterday's Enterprise"
Excalibur, U.S.S. NCC-26517   [TNG] "Redemption, Part II"
Exeter, U.S.S. NCC-26531   [VGR] "Non Sequitur," [DS9] "You Are Cordially Invited"
Gandhi, U.S.S. NCC-26632   [TNG] "Second Chances"
Horatio, U.S.S. NCC-10532 D [TNG] "Conspiracy"
Valdemar, U.S.S. NCC-26198   [DS9] "Tribunal"
Yamaguchi, U.S.S. NCC-26510 359 [DS9] "Emissary"
Zhukov, U.S.S. NCC-26136   [TNG] "Hollow Pursuits," [TNG] "Data's Day," [TNG] "The Game"
Starship Name Registry Status Appearance
Andromeda, U.S.S. NCC-50007   ST:ACTD: Andromeda
Farragut, U.S.S. NCC-10233   ST:ACTD: ASDB Ambassador-Class Technical Specs
Orion, U.S.S. NCC-50955 D ST:ACTD: Orion
Scorpius, U.S.S. NCC-50666   ST:ACTD: Scorpius
Unification, U.S.S. NCC-19995   ST:ACTD: ASDB Akira-Class Technical Specs
(Early Prototype) NXC-9331NA   ST:ACTD: ASDB Ambassador-Class Technical Specs

D - Destroyed/Decommissioned
359 - Destroyed at the Battle of Wolf 359
DW - Destroyed during the Dominion War
R - Renamed
? - Uncertain

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