Where are the Nova-Class Variant Specs?

The Nova Class Variant was produced in response to the growing threat that the Nova Class was falling to the same fate as the Oberth Class, an easy target. Therefore, Starfleet began to produced a modified version of the Nova Class starship. The starship was a favourite design among Starfleet Scientists and they were not ready to give up on it. They worked together with Starfleet Tactical Department to design and create the Nova Class Variant. Since they Nova Class Variant is a modified version of the Nova Class Starship, many of the technical details remained the same with differences in Warp/Speed and Weapons.

Since many of the technical specifications are the same, you will not find a separate specs page for the Nova Class Variant. It would be a waste of time to just copy and paste and just to modified the necessary area. Therefore, the specs are provided here.

There are limited information regarding the Nova Class Variant, since it only appeared on one episode (Star Trek Voyager: Endgame). However, the are some technical specifications put out by ST: The Magazine and Star Trek The Official Fact Files. There are also websites dedicated to the Nova Class Variant. Here are the specs that the sources and the majority of the websites agreed upon:

The Nova Class Variant is redesigned for deep space exploration (as stated by Harry Kim in Endgame) and not short range missions as the Nova Class.
Armament:  12x Type VIII Phaser arrays
 1x Type X pulse phaser array
 2x Standard photon torpedo tubes + 125 torpedoes
Warp Capabilities:  Normal Cruise - Warp Factor 8
 Maximum Cruise - Warp Factor 9
 Maximum Rated - Warp Factor 9.92 for 24 hours


With it's increased armament and warp capabilities, the Nova Class Variant is considered as a Scout/Escort Type Vessel in which their mission objects include all of the Nova Class mission objectives along with the following:

  • Provide a multi-mission mobile platform for a wide range of scientific and explorative research, and diplomatic projects.

  • Provide autonomous capability for full execution of Federation defensive, cultural, scientific, and explorative policy in deep space or border territory.

Some of you might say that the Nova Class Variant only existed on an alternate timeline. Even though that is true, there is evidence that it may have already existed. Judging from the Registry number of the USS Rhode Island (NCC-72701) and the way that Starfleet has registered their ships (chronological), it would suggest that the Nova Class Variant was built before Voyager (NCC-74656) and after the Equinox (NCC-72381).

Overall, the Nova Class Variant is a balance between scientific exploration and defense.



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